4 Seasons Slots

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3D, video, bonus
China, East, Zodiac

4 Seasons Slots is a Chinese game that is based on the mythology of the Chinese zodiac. Players might be aware of the different new year celebrations in China that feature Year of the Dog, Year of the Rat, or Year of the Dragon. This is based on the Chinese calendar. Not only can this game be downloaded, but it is also available for instant play using HTML5. Anyone with a mobile device like an Android phone or tablet, iPad or iPhone may also play this online seasons slot.

How to Play

The design of this online slots game shows that Chinese theme throughout this game. Soothing music is playing as the soundtrack. Behind the reels are mountains and valleys with trees and streams. The scene will change depending on which season is being showcased.

You will see the main options to customize gameplay in this online slots. The first is Choose Coin which allows you to select the coin denominations to wager on the reels. Then, there is Bet Per Line which is the number of credits that the lines accept. It is also possible to view the Win and Bet amounts in this game. Players may choose the Max Bet which will place the highest wager on the reels for each spin. Autoplay is also available and it allows up to 100 spins. This online slot does have a Double Up button.

The Facts of the Matter

Players will see that 4 Seasons Slots has three rows and 5 reels. There are 30 paylines in this game. The animals which are represented in this game have a cartoon appearance and are kind of adorable compared to how they are normally portrayed. Some of the symbols include the rooster, dog, goat, horse, dragon, ox, rat, rabbit, snake, tiger, and pig. Some of the other symbols include the Golden Cat, and the Yin and Yang symbols. There is a meter to the bottom side of the reels that will track which season is in play and reward based on this. The special symbol is the gold Yin and Yang symbol as the scatter, and the Golden Cat is the wild symbol.

Slot Bonus Features

Rotating Seasons: One of the special features in 4 Seasons Slots is Rotating Seasons. Players will see that as the seasons change, there is a different multiplier for each time of the year. For example, the summer might have a 10x multiplier, whereas winter could have a 5x multiplier. The Autumn would also have a 2x multiplier. The rotation is through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. The seasons will rotate with every 90 spins of the reels. However, animals rotate every 30. Keep in mind that the Rotating Season is clockwise.

The Seasonal Wheel: It is the job of the Seasonal Wheel to keep track of the number of spins of the reels. When there have been 30 spins, the Seasonal Wheel will rotate to the next animal. The animal that is selected becomes known as the golden animal and this will payout 10x. Any animal that is just to the left or the right of this golden animal is the silver animal with a 5x payout when it is a part of winning combinations. The animal that to the left or right of the silver animal will reward with 2x during any wins on the wheels. The Seasonal Wheel is counterclockwise.

Multi Reel Block Combos: Slot players will also see that the game offers block combinations. This is when multiple reels will have symbols that combine for the win. The Block Win Combos can really increase your winning amounts. This includes a two reel combo that gives 2x as a multiplier. Anyone who receives a 3 reel combo will get a 3x multiplier. Players with a 4 reel combo will be rewarded a multiplier of 5x, and a five reel block combo will give a 10x multiplier. It is possible to see that the more combos and stacked symbols on the reels, the more multipliers to receive. Keep in mind that the Block Win Combo Multipliers will be additional to the Seasonal Wheel multipliers. This really increases the potential for winnings in 4 Seasons Slots.

The Free Games: There is a free spins feature that will ie players free games in this slot. You will have to receive at least 3 Yin and Yang scatter symbols which will award 8 free spins. If there are 4 or more scatters, the number of free spins rises to 12. Players who have 5 scatters will increase the free games to 20 free spins. These free games can be retriggered during the free spins round.

Double Up: It is also possible to risk the last winning amount using the Double Up feature. This is simply a coin toss and involves choosing between Heads or Tails. You can double your wins with the correct guess.

Game Pays

The payouts for the symbols show that five of the standard animal symbols will reward 250 coins at max wager. The Golden Cat symbol is the highest paid and gives 50,000 coins for five of a kind. This is the highest payout and there is no progressive jackpot in 4 Seasons Slots. The top payout gives a chance to win as much as 750,000 credits in this game.

Enjoy the Seasons

There are loads of bonus features and multipliers to be found when you play 4 Seasons Slots. You may enjoy the four seasons at one of these Betsoft casinos.