Cake Valley Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Sweets, Food

When it comes to the Cake Valley Slots, so many are in awe with what they bring to the table. You never have to worry about that sweet tooth acting up again when you have the slots available to make use of. You can then feel great knowing that when you roll and land on the pieces of cake, the donuts, the pies and more; you're winning even more money. The more you play, the more you're going to win and you might even get a chance to cash out on the jackpot that follows!

When it comes to each and every little thing you come across, you want to make sure that you line them up right since there is a lot happening right in front of you. The cake valley is there to make the most of everything that is happening all at once. With this being said, the slots are the perfect place to spend a little down time. With 5 reels and 243 paylines, there is always a way to win no matter how you line up the symbols on the cake walk.

Cakes, Donuts, Cookies and More!

The symbols are all going to appeal to your sweet tooth each and every time you go to spin the reels and find out what they're offering. Of course they're going to appeal to your sweet tooth since this is a game that focuses mostly on this and nothing much else. They want to pay you to play with all of the sweets out there. This is the best way to get all that sugar in and only get fatter pockets, nothing else. You can make sure to grab the goods when you land on the right ones.

The cakes and donuts are ones that pay higher than the others. If you want something that is going to give top dollar, then this is what you want to land on. You have to get a few different ones for the occasion. You can make sure to match the right symbols up and you can then cash out on the extras that come with the pieces of baked goods that pop up on the screen. Make sure to line up the donuts because they provide the user with a way to get more out of the payment that follows.

Extras and Bonuses of Donuts and More...

There are many extras that you can get with some of the other games out there and with this one, you just have to land on the scatter and then you can grab some extra spins. There are not any bonus rounds which is something that many people do not like to hear. You want to make sure that you grab all of the donuts out there. These are where the free spins are at. Mix and match and cash out with more spins than you came with.

If you're ready to play with the baked goods that come with the game then now is your chance to take advantage of them and all that they come with. You can have it all and more. You have the choice to move forward with all the cakes, the donuts and whatever else you can think of. This is a fun game and you just happen to also have the chance to win a large lump sum of cash along the way, too!