Fire & Steel Slots

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3D, 5-reel, video

Fire & Steel Slots was created by Betsoft Gaming. This is a full action game that has it all. Players will see an epic battle going on that has spilled onto the reels. The full name for this game is FIRE & STEEL: War of the Wilds. This sums up exactly what will be happening. Not only are the two characters very wild in battle, this is one of the few games in which the wilds will battle for control of the reels. This is action is not to be missed. This is a Slots3 game, and you are able to play Fire and Steel Slots using a mobile device or by instant play.

More About FIRE & STEEL

Fire and Steel Slots game has all of the exciting gameplay contained within one slot game. This is a game about internal battles within a kingdom and against an evil force. The storyline for the game follows the death of the High Queen who has ruled the kingdom for generations. The Queen has died before she has named her successor. Therefore, the battle for control of everything is now occurring between the Shield Maiden and the Swordsman. The Shield Maiden is responsible for the mountainous areas and the deserts. The Swordsman watches over the swamp lands and bogs. Both of these Houses are at war with each other, but they must work together to fight against an outer attack from the dragons.

There is a lot of state-of-the-art technology that has gone into creating this 3D game and it is evident when you play this game from Betsoft. When the game begins, you will find the Shield Maiden one side of the reels and the Swordsman on the other side. The background for the reels is the land that they will both like to control. There are also ferocious looking dragons in this game which can be seen over the top of the reels. Some of the buttons to adjust are "Choose Coin" and "Bet Per Line". There is also "Max Bet" "Double Up" and "Autoplay."

Understanding Gameplay

The game is arranged as 20 paylines. There are unique reels in Fire & Steel Slots that are rarely found in games. Players will see the reels arranged in such a way that the configuration is 3 - 4 - 5 - 4 - 3. This makes for interesting game play but no less entertaining. The main symbols are the Shield Maiden, the Swordsman, WILDs, shield, crown, helmet, dragons, spellbook, knife, chalice, and other colorful gems. Even though there is a WILD symbol, the Shield Maiden, and the Swordsman are also wild symbols and can substitute for other symbols on the reels. There is a maximum wager of $100 with as small as $0.01 accepted and to $5 per line.

Game Payouts

You will see that this Betsoft game pays from left to right on the reels. The lower pays are the gem symbols, and you can look forward to these symbols paying from 20 coins to 30 coins. From there you will move up to the medium pays which are symbols such as spellbook, helmet, chalice or knife. Five matching ones are rewarded with 50 coins to 100 coins. The higher payouts are the crown and shield symbols, and these symbols will give a payout of between 150 coins to 250 coins. You can expect the WILD symbols to be the top payouts. At least three of these wilds will give 50 coins. Four of a kind is 150 coins, and five of a kind is 500 coins.

Enjoy the Following Bonus Features

  • There are various features to look for in this game especially the wild symbols. Players can watch for the Shield Maiden as she sends out her Beam of Strength. This beam goes out in a horizontal direction. Wherever this beam of light touches on the reels will turn some of the other symbols into WILDs.
  • Slot players should watch for the Swordsman to send out his vertical Beam of Strength along the reels. Any of the symbols that this beam of light touches will be turned WILD. Be aware that the WILD symbol, the Swordsman, and the Shield Maiden cannot substitute for each other.
  • Another special bonus feature in this game is called the War of the Wilds Feature. You will see this feature activated when the Swordsman and Shield Maiden appear on the reels together. They will each send out their beam of light. The beams of light will clash with each other and there will be sticky WILD symbols on the reels. The War of Wilds feature will result in 10 free spins, and it may be retriggered.
  • It is possible to play the Double Up game in Fire & Steel Slots. This feature game will only be available after you have a winning spin. Players can choose to place all or 50 percent of the previous winnings on the line. It is just about guessing the correct outcome for a coin toss.

Play Fire and Steel Now

You have now seen that this online slots has a lot happening inside of it. However, players should not wait and get in on the excitement. They can enjoy all that Fire & Steel has to offer at selected Betsoft casino. Watch the fire and steel battle it out on the reels!