The Great Chicken Escape Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video
Animals, Birds, Adventure

With a name like 'The Great Chicken Escape Slots', players will know they are about to experience a different sort of gameplay compared to what they are used to. This all about the group of chickens who want to escape the confines of the 'prison' they find themselves in. These birds want to leave their coop and they are planning a coup. Online players will discover a game that is loaded with special features for them to enjoy. This online slot not only has bonus rounds, but also extra features such as multipliers, wilds, and free spins. All of this is possible when you try The Great Chicken Escape Slots.

Gameplay Versions

The game is easy to understand and players will be able to download the software at an online casino. They will need to wait for it to be installed before playing. There is also the instant play version of this slots game available.

Mobile Gameplay

Mobile gameplay is also an option and does require a mobile device and access to WiFi or cell phone data. The game is compatible with Android and Apple iOS so players may use iPhones, iPads, or Android tablets and phones to play.

Online Software Provider

The online software provider is Pragmatic Play. Players can expect clear graphics during gameplay. The Great Chicken Escape Slots will join other titles such as Vegas Magic, Cashien's Cash, Sweet Bonanza, Wild Pixies, and Pirate Gold Slots by Pragmatic.

The Theme

This one is for the birds. Well, this is the theme of the game, and players will see that this birds theme slot has avian creatures that mean business. Similar bird theme slot games are Birds!, Crazy Birds, Birds of Fury, Birds on a Wire, and Happy Birds slots games.

How To Play

This online slots loads up to show a farm with the chicken coops as the main background in the game. The escape artists are dressed in military clothes and ready to carry out their mission of leaving the farm and the watchful eyes of the guard dog.

Below the reels is the dashboard for this online slots machine and the way to control gameplay. This is the standard buttons and controls for Pragmatic Play slots. The "I" will also players to see more information about the paytable and bonus features to expect. Clicking the "Credit" button will change the view from currency to coins and vice versa. The "Bet" amount is also shown below this. This game was designed for "Turbo Spin" and clicking the bottom center of the reels can speed up how fast they spin. The spin button is located in the lower right corner with the "Autoplay" button below this. It is possible to use the plus and minus signs on either side of spin to change the "Coins Per Line" and "Coin Value". This will also change the "Total Bet" amount in the game.

The Great Chicken Escape Facts

Players will see that these birds are willing and ready to make their great escape. There is just a guard dog that they will have to get pass. The game offers gameplay on 5 video reels and 20 paylines to place wager. This is a variable payline game so it was found to be suitable for all budgets.

There are various chickens and roosters in the game. Some of the symbols during base game and bonus features include the wanted poster, golden egg, guard dog, a chicken wearing the green hat, a blue chicken, a white chicken, the Bonus map, the WILD bird with the red cap, and playing card symbols from A, K, Q, and J. The BONUS map is the scatter and the bird with the red cap is the Wild symbol.

Coin Options

The coin options begin at $0.01 and go to $0.50. There are up to 10 coins accepted on the lines which result in a maximum wager of $100.

Game RTP

It was discovered that the RTP for Great Chicken Escape Slots is 96.5 percent.

Lots and Lots of Bonus Features

  • Game Wilds: The WILD symbol in this game is the bird wearing the red hat. He will substitute for other symbols, but not the scattered Bonus map symbol. There are also special Wilds at play during the bonus features.
  • The Bonus map symbol is the scatter in the game. It is also responsible for activating the bonus features which appear in this birds theme slot. It will show up on all the reels, and when there are more than three to four of these BONUS symbols, the game will trigger a bonus feature randomly. However, five of these map symbols will result in the ultimate BIG MONEY BONUS round.

The Random Bonus Features

  • The Guard Dog Wilds: This is one of the bonus features which can be activated randomly. When it occurs, the guard dog in the game begins a Wild symbol and between 4 to 9 of these Guard Dog Wilds are placed on the reels. It cannot substitute for the BONUS map scatter.
  • The Chicken Run Wilds: In this bonus feature, the regular wild for the game will become stacked on them between 2 to 4 of the reels. This will be on any of the reels. A special wild symbol will be at play.
  • The Care Package Bonus: Players will see this feature begin with the addition of golden egg symbols on the reels. These golden eggs will become stacked during the feature and will be converted to other symbols at the end of the feature. The golden eggs cannot substitute for the regular wilds and scatters.
  • The Secret Tunnel Feature: Players will see that the Secret Tunnel Bonus Feature will have three treasure chests show up on the screen. It is just a matter of clicking a chest to see if you receive a random prize, the word "Mystery Tunnel" or the word "Collect". When "Mystery Tunnel" is awarded, the screen will change to start a mini feature. Players will be shown 4 different tunnel entrances and they can select which of these they want. The Mystery Tunnel mini feature will then reward one of the other four Bonus Features in the game. When "Collect" shows up, the player is able to collect their winnings and continue with gameplay.
  • The Poultry In Motion Bonus: This is another random bonus feature. This special feature shows a pathway with 22 points on the path. The game will start by showing up to 5 golden eggs and the players will choose one and be awarded the number of steps to take. The chicken will then be advanced the number of steps to reach a new point on the map. Then another batch of up to five golden eggs will be shown and this bonus feature will continue until the golden egg revels a "Collect" sign. The game will then stop and the winnings will be collected. There is a prize for each point reached on the map. The bonus feature can also end when the chicken reaches the last point on the map before receiving COLLECT. When this happens, the BIG MONEY BONUS feature is automatically activated to start.


In the special BIG MONEY BONUS round, players will see the screen change to show a carousel. On the carousel are 12 barrels. Players will only have to select a barrel to hit to receive a big prize as the carousel spins. After spinning, players may be awarded a golden egg that gives them another spin or the word "COLLECT" which stops the game and allows them to collect their winnings and return to base gameplay.

The Feature Gamble

This online slots also has a unique gamble feature. This is more of a bonus feature gamble as compared to choosing a card. As stated above, the scatters may reward one of the five random bonus features above. However, the Feature Gamble allows players to make a choice between playing the bonus feature awarded to them or 'gamble' to receive a higher bonus. The screen will change to show five pies and the pie that corresponds to the bonus feature awarded will be highlighted. Players can make a gamble to see if they can receive a higher tier bonus. If they do receive a higher bonus feature, they can gamble this as well to receive a higher one. This can continue until the top tier BIG MONEY BONUS Feature is reached and the Feature Gamble stops. The Feature Gamble can also be stopped when players decide to collect the bonus feature awarded to them or they lose the chance to receive a bonus feature and will only be awarded an instant prize.

Clucky Free Spins

Another bonus feature is the Clucky Free Spins. These are activated by BONUS scatter symbols and players will see that there is a new Wild symbol on the reels showing the wild bird symbol on a "WANTED" poster. The Wanted Wild symbol will give a progressive multiplier of 1x every time it shows up on the reels. This special wild symbol will also be used in place of other symbols during the free spins round. There are 10 free games awarded during the Clucky Free Spins Feature. Scatters during the free spins cannot be retriggered this bonus feature.

To The Other Side Free Spins

The To The Other Side Free Spins will have the regular wild symbol added to the reels to substitute for other symbols except for the scatters. As the second free spins feature it will also give 10 free spins. However, the first 9 free spins are regular ones and when the regular wilds appear on the screen, they are collected in a special sort of meter. During the last or tenth free spins, all of the regular wilds which appeared during the previous free games are then added to the reels randomly for this final spin. This can increase winnings significantly as up to five wilds pay 5,000 coins.

How the Game Pays

The Paytable shows that the game logo is high paying and worth 5,000 coins for five matching ones. The chicken wearing the green hat and uniform will reward 3,000 coins. The blue chicken will also pay 3,000 coins for five of them on the reels. The white chicken rewards with a win of 2,000 coins in this slot game. Other symbols include the Bonus map, the Wild chicken with the red cap and the playing card symbols from A, K, Q, and J. The playing card symbols will give form 1,000 coins to 800 coins at max wager. The wild symbol may be found on all the reels and will give 5,000 coins for five wilds. This is a nonprogressive slots game by Pragmatic Play.

Play the Magic

The game is waiting for you to try it. You can feel the magic when you play The Great Chicken Escape Slots at a Pragmatic Play casino.