Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
Ancient Egypt, Treasure, Military

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is a role-playing game released by Betsoft Gaming. Betsoft has labeled Max Quest Wrath of Ra as "The New Era in Gaming". Players will see there is a lot of mystery and adventure. Anyone who enjoys adventure games can look forward to action in this Ancient Egypt themed game. This game is about killing anything that might kill them and working together to escape the wrath of the Egyptian god Ra and others. There are also plenty of ancient artifacts and treasure to be had. This is a game which can be playing by instant play and mobile devices. It is compatible with HTML5, Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Other Similar Games

There is really no other online casino role-playing game like Max Quest Wrath of Ra in terms of gameplay. However, and Ancient Egypt themed game is not new and similar themed games include A Night With Cleo, Book of Ra, Wishing Cup, Temple of Tut, and Rich Wilde and Book of Dead slots game.

Getting Started

Players will see that when the game begins they can type in a username and can see the storyline of the game. There is a treasure was found in the tomb of one of the Egyptian gods. The object of the game is to travel to these tombs and grab treasure for yourself. Players will have a choice between customized and random gameplay.

Gameplay is divided into rooms which hold up to six players. A game room must be selected first before a wager can be placed. You will be able to choose the "Bullet Cost" from $0.01 and up. There is also buttons to decide on the "Bullet Buy-In" from 100 up to 1,000,000 which is equal to a min buy-in of $1 to a max buy-in of $10,000.

Each player will have an avatar and they can edit features about their avatar in the Avatar Editor. They will also be able to see their level along with a table showing "Total Kills" "Total Treasures" "Game Rounds" and "Lifetime XP." XP is 'Experience Points' and these points are obtained when you fire any of the weapons to kill the enemy creatures. The game will track the amount of XP needed before reaching the next level. Players can use the Quests button at the bottom to see any quests they have completed. You may also receive XP by completing Quests. It is possible to receive up to 25 quests to complete. Completing these quests will help you move up the leaderboard. The leaderboard is present to see where you stand in relation to other players. The "Help" is where to go for more information about the enemies to shoot at and the weapons available.

Hot Game Action: How To Play

When the room loads up you will indeed discover lots of treasure to be found. There is gold everyone in one form or another. However, there are also lots of mummy guards, zombies, scarabs and just about everything else related to Ancient Egypt that can kill you. You will have six rounds to play in each room. There are various enemy creatures to be found in this role playing game. These include Golden Tomb Scrabbler, Wrapped Shadowguard, Tahawy Warrior, Wrapped Spiritguard, Wrapped Minion, Shadow Scarab, Risen Fire Scarab, Crimson Bataanta, Emerald Bataanta, Scarab Hatchling, and more. Most of the creatures are divided into the Standard Enemies such as the Scarab Hatchling and the Ruby Crypt Watcher. Then there are the Rise Fire Enemies which include the Rise Fire Mummy and the Rise Fire Scarab.

At the bottom of the screen, you will find the time, your Balance and next to this the various weapons to select from. There are loads of weapons to select from. Some of these weapons include grenades, shotguns, plasma rifle or a laser gun. You will be in a room with five others and players will work together to drop the toughest of the undead such as the Reborn Mummies.

There is a chance through the rounds to buy more bullets and the game allows you to purchase special weapons crates called Loot Chests. There is a green, blue or red crate for different prices and each of these Weapon Loot Chests will have bullets and special weapons to use. For example, the chest with the red gems has up to 60 shotgun shells, up to 10 grenades, 60 machine gun ammunition, and 30 each of the laser gun shots and plasma rifle shots.

You will see that this is a Treasure theme game. The game allows wagers from $0.01 and up to $0.25. This is a video game with bonus features. Players will not find any pay lines inside of this game. It is possible to place up to 500 coins.


The game has an RTP of 96%. Shooting at the various enemy creatures will launch bullets as a guaranteed hit. This game does have hits that are guaranteed to either hit your target, or if you miss the bullets will bounce off the wall and hit another creature. The game is all about destroying as many of the creatures and insects which are guarding the gold treasure. Players will see that the game will have credit prizes for each creature killed and this will vary. there are also Egyptian artifact prizes and special crates which can help you to win more. The prizes are awarded randomly when a hit is made. The winning amounts are dependent on your wager or buy-ins. The smallest win is 2x the wager. Most of the crawling scarab insects will reward from 2x to 50x. The Wrapped Minion, Wrapped Shadowguard, Wrapped Springboard, and Tahaway Warrior will reward from 5x to 150x. The Crimson Batanta and Emerald Bataanta will payout 10x to 200x the wager. The highest payouts are with the Risen Fire Enemies in which the Risen Fire Scarab pays 50x to 2000x and the Risen Fire Mummy rewards with 75x to 5000x which is the highest payout in this shooter game.

The Gods Have Risen Bonus Feature

The "Gods Have Risen" bonus feature can be randomly triggered at the end of a playing round. When this feature is activated, players will see one of three Egyptian gods Ra, Osiris, or Anubis rise to kill any enemies and call their minions to help them. You will shoot at the Egyptian god to try to kill them. Each shot will that is a direct hit may award a prize depending on the weapon. For example, the pistol gives form 5x to 50x during the bonus feature. Using a grenade may award from 25x to 300x. The top prize is with the Plasma Rifle which gives from 50x to 1000x as the top bonus feature prize. It is possible that if you do significant damage to the Egyptian god, you are awarded an Extra Bonus Prize which is equal to the decrease in health of the Egyptian god times a multiplier of up to 5x.

Enjoy It For Yourself

Overall, players will enjoy the fast-paced fun and action in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. This role playing adventure game offers big prizes, treasure to collect and the chance to progress to higher levels. See how far up the leaderboard you can make it when you play Max Quest: Wrath of Ra game at a Betsoft Gaming casino.