Panda Panda Slots

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bonus, video, 5-reel
Nature, Regional, East

If you are in love with the pandas, then you want to make sure that they can roam freely around town. Not only that, but that you can play with them, as well. This can be done when you check out the panda slots that have them roaming the area. They are there when you need them to be. Through the use of the Panda Panda slots, you can be sure that you're getting exactly what it is that you need, when you need it. Never let them know where you stand or show them your cards. Pull the lever and spin!

When you want to have some out of this world fun, then this is where you can find the pandas munching on all of the bamboo that is meant for everyone. You can be sure that you're getting it all and more. Of course, since this is a 5 reel, 243 payline slot machine, you have so many ways and chances to win that you are going to want to try for them all. Match them up, line them up and get the payouts that follow.

The Panda Panda Symbols

Of course you're going to see a panda or two rolling around because that's just what they do, when they do it. When you want to make sure that you're grabbing the panda slots then this is the best place for you to be. Watch out for those symbols that pay out the most, since these are the ones you want to cash out on. They're the ones that you want to make sure that you're cashing in on, as well. Lining them up just right is the whole premise of the game.

The pandas that are sitting and eating bamboo are the wild symbols that you want to make use of. The ying-yang is the scatter symbol and it is going to give you the best payout when you get three or more of them on the board, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this to happen. There are also two pandas, bamboo and mountains that you're able to climb up when it comes to getting more out of the excitement that follows.

Extra Bonuses That You Will Be Sure to Love!

You already love the pandas, so now it is time to get a bit more from what they have to offer. With a bit of everything out there, you will find that these extra bonuses just need to be rolled on and then they become all yours. You can grab up 10 free spins when you land 3 scatters anywhere on the board. You can also win more cash, a jackpot or more free spins when you're playing with the free spins, there is no right or wrong answer. Turn your one panda into 2 sitting pandas.

Even the oriental music in the background is something worth listening too. Not only can you hear it softly whispering to you, but you're going to want to spin the reels and cash out on the rest. This is something worth thinking about when the time comes. You need to make sure that you have all those extra bonuses If you're ready to have a little panda fun, then make sure to check out all that is out there that you can make use of. You will be glad you did!