Queen of Queens II Slots

Queen of Queens II Slots
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5-reel, video, bonus
Cleopatra, Ancient Egypt

When it comes to the queen, you want to be one step in front of her and not behind her. She is going to give you a chance to cash out on some big bucks if you're lucky so you want to be the lucky one that knows how to get in there and win. The queen is the one that is going to make the rules and make sure you know more about them. With all that the queens bring to the table you can be sure to grab a bit more out of the game and run away with the riches and gold when it really gets down to it. Have it all and more.

The queen has 5 reels and 1024 paylines for you to line up and make use of. When it comes to having her play with you and perhaps having you take her cash, you can be sure to be the one that does it. Through the use of the slots, they have you covered so you can feel much more comfortable and confident playing the game and getting all that comes with it.

Take the Next Step with These Symbols

From far away times, you can expect to find the queen, her jewels and all of her prized possessions come around the board and land where you want them to land. The queen has that pharaoh look about her, which is where the goods are hidden. You want to speak with the queen and find out where she is hiding all of her riches and goods. Through the use of the next steps that need to be taken, you can feel much more confident with choosing the right symbols for the job.

Since this is an Egyptian themed slot machine, you want to make sure that you keep an eye on the queen, since she is going to pay out a decent amount. You also want to check out some of the other symbols, such as the urns, Anubis head, doors to the pyramids, the jewels and more are all there and all give a bit of something different when you line them up just right. You might be surprised to see what they are handing out with each of the spins.

Is the Queen Providing Free Spins?

The queen does provide free spins when you land on the Anubis and urn. Together these will award the spinner some free spins that they can win even more on, plus also open the chance to win even more free spins. While there is not a specific extra game that you need to be aware of or land on for extras, the free spins are enough to help you get more out of playing the game and perhaps win a little extra to keep the fun and games going.

This is also a progressive jackpot slot machine that provides the user with everything that they need to spin and cash out with more than they ever thought possible. You can be sure to have the benefits of having free spins, cash and more ways to win. The Queen welcomes you and anyone else that wants to challenge her and themselves. You might be the next one to win her royal earnings, but you never know!