Whospunit Slots

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3D, bonus, video
Crime, Detective

Whospunit Slots has a sleek design that players will love. When this slots game loads up, players will see the five main characters of the game. One is holding a tray of poison, while the other has a hanging noose. There is a man with a large knife and a doctor with a needle. The maid does not have any weapons shown, but later on the reels you will see she is hiding a knife. When the game is fully loaded, you will see behind the reels that the game takes place inside a large old house. This is a Murder Mystery slot game. This mystery slot can be played using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

How to Play Who Spun It?

The game play takes place in the main room of the house. The man of the house young Mr. Wellington will come down the stairs in his fancy house coat, and you can begin spinning the reels. You will see by the way the house is decorated that this is the lifestyle of the rich and/or famous.

Who Spun It: A Murder Mystery has the dashboard for the game below the reels. This is a Betsoft slots, and players can see that they can Choose Coin using the plus and minus signs to increase or decrease the amount. There is also the Paylines, and it is possible to wager on less or more of them. Even the Bet Per Line may be adjusted for lower or higher amounts using the plus or minus sign. You will be able to see your Total Bet after customizing gameplay. The other buttons include Spin, Max Bet Spin, Auto Play and Double Up. There are also Clue Spins meters at the top and bottom of the game depending on which mode of gameplay.

The game has various levels and you will begin at level 1. There are five reels and three rows. Slot players will see there are 30 paylines, and they are variable lines. The coin denominations accepted include from $0.02 to $1 per line. There is a max wager of $150 ad up to 5 coins may be wagered on each line.

The symbols include WILD, Covington the Butler, Mr. Wellington, Dr Van Austren, a maid called Miss Ellie, the widow Miss Chatham, EVIDENCE, a hidden safe, a bulletin board in the detective's office, a magnifying glass with a fingerprint, and of course the dead body behind the curtain.

Bonus Features

Players will be able to see the special features such as the Collect Clue Spins, Collect All 3 Evidence Clues, Solve the Murder!, and Countdown to Detective Mode. There is also a chance to Match 5 Clues to Level Up.

Detective Mode

Gameplay is interesting because it starts with its own timer in the game. The clock will tick down from 1 minute 8 seconds until the Detective Mode feature starts. Players will need to collect some of the Collect Clue coins to have special free spins during the Detective Mode. During the Detective Mode Feature, players will see their Clue Spins in play. These are free spins that will allow you to collect extra symbols. You can collect up to 5 extra symbols and have them added to the clue meter at the top of the reels. The clues can be found in The Bathroom, The Kitchen, The Study, The Gazebo, and the Dining Room during Level 1.

When you have collected all the clues for at least one place, you will be able to Solve where the crime took place or the Murder Location. The game then moves you to the next level to discover what was the weapon used in Level 2 Murder Weapon. The weapons include Poison, Knife, Noose, Gun, and Wrench.

For Level 3, players will receive a chance to spin for clues to determine the Culprit Clue. The Culprit Clues are Spilled Tea, Watch, Stethoscope, Duster, and Cigarette.

Clue Points

*During the Detective Mode, players will also accumulate clue points. When they receive three or more clues, they will get 1 point. Four clues are rewarded with 2 clue points, and five clues will give 3 clue points.

Second Screen Bonus Round

*Players can collect the clues and then go to the Second Screen Bonus Round after hitting Level 3 Clue Collection. Players will need to look for the Evidence symbol in the center on the middle reel. The game will give free spins from the ending of Level 3 to the beginning of the Second Screen Bonus. During this round, you will be able to interrogate the character accused of murder and also win coins.

Free Spines Feature

*When the Free Spins Mode feature begins, a slot player will be able to choose any of the five characters to play the free games. You can read about each character before choosing one, and each one of the characters gives a special reward. For example, the maid Miss Ellie will give 20 free spins instead of 10 in the base game and will add a multiplier of 3x. The Dr. Van Austren will add random wild symbols. Mr. Wellington will allow the game to pay both ways and add a multiplier of 3x to winnings. The other character Ms. Chatham will add a multiplier of 6x, and the butler Charles Covington will add a completely wild reel during the free spin games. Whoever is chosen, you will see them come down the stairs to take the place of the younger Mr. Wellington as the free games begin. Mr. Wellington will return after the free spins round ends.


The game pays out for various combinations. There are payouts for normal base game play. There is also a payout during the Detective Mode Feature when you have collected at least three clues. This will give 20 coins for three clues, 90 coins for four clues, and 300 coins for five clues.

*During the Second Screen Bonus Round, players can win from 60 coins for two Evidence symbols, 150 coins for three Evidence symbols, 300 coins for four symbols, and 600 coins for five Evidence symbols.

*The lower paying symbols are the magnifying glass, bulletin board, and hidden safe which pay from 150 coins to 270 coins in the games. The character symbols range from 360 coins to 600 coins. The murder victim is worth 1000 coins for five of a kind on the reels. The top payout is 5 WILDs on the reels which reward 2000 coins.

There is the potential to win up to 320,400 credits in Whospunit Slots. The Return To Player is 97.6% over a time period. Whospunit Slot does not have a progressive jackpot.


There you have all the evidence laid out before you. When you play WhoSpunIt Slots, you will discover a fun slots combined with a mystery game. You can play this game at a Betsoft casino to discover whodunit.