Arrival Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video

Arrival Slots is filled with fun, and players will begin to see that this is a Space theme slots game. Anyone who enjoys science fiction and space travel may be interested to play Arrival Slot. However, this game is good for those who just want an easy video slots to play. This is a 3D slots game created by Betsoft, and players will enjoy the sound and graphics which have gone into making this game. You will be able to enjoy the gameplay using a desktop, laptop or with mobile technology.

Slots Gameplay

The two main characters are a young man and woman who are part of the Space Marine Corps. They have landed in their spaceship and soon find themselves having to do battle with an evil space alien who is all brain. Actually, he is just a big giant brain in a space suit. He controls an army of robots. When the game loads up, you are watching the symbols on a giant screen in front of the Evil Brain who is sitting down and watch the reels. Any time you spin, he is able to power the screen. The Evil Brain will celebrate along with you when there is a winning spin. He is indeed an impatient evil villain.

Behind the reels is the view of outer space. Below the big screen of the reels are the buttons to control gameplay. Even though the Evil Brain will act as if he is controlling the game, you will be able to adjust the reels. The first is "Choose Coin" and there are no plus or minus or arrows to press to change the amount. You will only have to click on the smaller screens to adjust it. There is also "Bet Per Line" to customize the amount of coins and there is a plus and minus. Other choices include "Select Lines". Players can choose between "Spin" and "Max Bet Spin". The "Autoplay" button is located at the top of the reels, and the game may spin up to 100 times in auto mode.

Game Facts

Slot players will see that this is a 30 payline game with 5 reels. The coin amounts begin at $0.02 and go to $1.00. This online slot will allow the max of 5 coins in Bet Per Line, so it is $75 as the max wager. There are three rows for this game. The symbols in this game are what make it more interesting You will see the robot, a ray gun, a planet, the Space Marine Corps man and woman, Evil Brain Alien, space alien pet, spaceship, badge, autobot, target, and more. However, there are no playing card symbols. The brain alien is the wild symbol on the reels, and the laser ray gun is the bonus symbol. The space marine woman is another bonus symbol.


Arrival Slots does pay for a minimum of two symbols on the reels and up to five symbols. The game offers payouts from left to right from the first reel.

The top paying symbols are the space marine man who rewards with 2,000 coins in the base game. The alien pet will give 1,500 coins for five of them on the reels. The robot and spaceship will provide a payout from 1000 coins to 750 coins. The ringed planet, badge, and Autobot will give from 625 coins to 375 coins. The target is worth 250 coins for five of them. There are no progressive jackpots.

The Laser Gun UFO Game

Players will discover that the Laser Ray Gun is one of the bonus symbols. It will activate the special feature on the reels when it is present. This will start the UFO Click Me game. You will need three or more laser ray guns to begin, and the screen will change to show UFOs. You will only have to click the ones you want to receive a prize.

Brain Alien Wilds

When there are three or more Brain Alien wilds on the reels, this will cause the wild substitute feature to begin. These wild symbols can substitute for any symbol on the reel. The whole reel will become wild and players will receive free games. The alien will only be found on the first, third and last reel, and he will be a sticky wild during the free spin games.

Bonus Game

The space marine woman will activate the bonus game when there are three symbols on the reels. The screen will change and players will see that the Brain Alien has kidnapped her and place her in an electric field. You will have to help the man push a combination of the red buttons to release her. The Brain Alien will do his best to stop you, but if the red buttons you press has higher energy than his, then you will win the bonus game and release the woman.

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Play Arrival

This is now your own opportunity to play Arrival Slots. The bonus games make it entertaining enough to sit back and enjoy spinning the reels.