Instant Play

Anyone looking for entertainment without having to leave home will be able to find it by playing in the Instant Play Casino at AU Slots. AU Slots Instant Play has tons of games and players who have previously download casino software will discover a new casino experience. The casino offers this popular form of technology to make the process effortless and trouble-free.

Understanding Instant Play

As stated previously, Instant Play is a form of computer technology that the online casino is optimized for. It is also a way to reduce the amount of time before you can start having fun playing games. Some of the ways that instant play is offered by online casino websites include HTML5, Java, or Flash. The browser on your device will need to have the browser plugin to be able to access instant play games at AU Slots Casino. The same technology is used to play movies on your device.

In the past, online casinos were only able to allow members to download the casino software to play in the casino. However, downloading the casino software requires having space on your computer or laptop for the setup file, and for the installation files. Downloading casino software does require an Internet connection that is capable of sending the file to you. However, this has all change with the introduction of faster computers and mobile devices such as a smartphone or a tablet. Players can now use Au Slots Instant Play by just opening the Web browser, signing in, and away you go!

Choose No Download

Keep in mind that AU Casino is a "no download casino". This might be a new term to you, but essentially it means that no casino software download is required. A "no download casino" is just a more simple way of describing an instant play casino. There is no longer a waiting time to begin playing games, as you no longer have to wait for the download to complete or the file to install. You can find yourself in the casino lobby with nothing to hold you back except which games to choose. AU Slots has made it possible for all casino members to have a more enjoyable casino experience when you get started.

Say Yes to Instant Play

Without having to download any software, a casino player will significantly reduce their chances of being a victim of fraud or installing malicious software. Instant play also introduces you to the world of instant play games. Casino members will have access to instant play pokie slots, tables, Blackjack, video poker and 3D games. This is also an opportunity to try the jackpot games using instant play technology. You cannot win if you do not try.