Jackpot Gagnant Slots

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3-reel, classic, video
Classic Slot Symbols

Jackpot Gagnant Slot was released by Betsoft Gaming. It is indeed a slots game about money and jackpots. This is a game about being the person to win the big jackpot, and enjoying every minute of it. Just a bit of information for you - the term Jackpot Gagnant is actually French for "Jackpot Winner". Regardless, of what language you play this slots game in, you will have a chance to win when you play Jackpot Gagnant by desktop, laptop or a mobile.

Are There Similar Games?

There are so many jackpot and money theme slots in the industry that it is hard to count. This slots is all about the money, and other similar games have been created. Some of these games include Mega Jackpot Super Jackpot, and Jackpot Giant Slots. Not surprisingly, Mega Jackpot Slots is also a Betsoft game. It is a classic game with 3 reels and 5 lines to wager. Players will be able to enjoy placing wagers from $0.20 to as much as $10 on the reels. Players will see symbols such as sevens, bars, dollar signs, lemons, cherries, and more. The jackpot is about 1,000 coins and there is also a double up feature in Mega Jackpot Slots.

Jackpot Gagnant Game Facts

Once you start playing Jackpot Gagnant Slot, you will begin to realize there is more to this game than meets the eye. The reels will show that this is a classic slots. Players will be able to view the paytable as it is located above the reels. Below the reels there is the dashboard for the game. The design of this game is in blue, white and red. The buttons to control game are easy and they show options such as "Collect" to collect your winnings. There is also "Transfer" and "Bet". Players can wager the max using "Max Bet". Other buttons include autoplay and spin.

This is a 3-reel slot. There are five lines to place wagers. The grid arrangement is 3x3. The coin denominations begin at 0.02 and go to 1. This is a fixed payline game so all of the lines will have to be wagered on. This results in a max wager of 10 with up to 20 credits which can be placed. Players will have a choice of the coin denominations they would like to wager. Some of the symbols in this slots game include lemons, a woman, cherry, grapes, stars, bells, and more. The woman is the symbol to watch for as it is also the highest payout.

Jackpot Gagnant Pays

The game does payout when there are matching combinations to be found on the reels. The pays are from left to right. Players will see that the cherries will pay the lowest at 20 coins for three of a kind. If you have three lemons, you will be rewarded with 30 coins. The grapes will give up to 60 coins for three of a kind. This rises to 80 coins for three bells on the reels. Symbols such as the stars will payout 100 coins in Jackpot Gagnant. Players should be on the lookout for three symbols of the woman who will reward with 400 coins. The woman will give from 400 coins for wagers of 2 credits. However, when you increase your wager to 8 credits, this can result in up to a 1,600 coin win. The max wager of 20 credits will reward a win of 10,000 coins for this classic slot game.

Bonus Features To Enjoy

The bonus features for this game is easy to understand. There is a Mystery Credit that is available to see. This is activated by the Super Meter when players see two of the woman symbols on the reels. Players will receive a random number of coins as a payout. This Mystery Credit is also activated during the times the player wagers the max amount of 20 on the lines.

One of the other special features is the Gamble Feature. This can only be activated when there is a winning spin. The Gamble button will light up and you can press it to risk all or some of your previous winning amount. Keep in mind that even though you won the last spin, an incorrect guess during the Gamble Feature can forfeit the previous win.

Become a Winner!

You stand a good chance when there is a slots game about jackpots and winning. You can try your hand at winning the fixed jackpot when you play Jackpot Gagnant Slots by Betsoft.