Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots

Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots
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5-reel, 3D, video
Food, Sweets, Popular Games

Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots is the sequel or the second version of the original Sugar Pop game by Betsoft Gaming. This is part of the Slots3 Series. This is a game that takes you into a dreamy, candy-filled world. You can play without being worried about calories. The software is available for download or instant play, but a tablet or phone with iOS or Android will also work.

How To Play

Sugar Pop 2 Slots has a lot of sweet things going for it, and this is not just the candy and chocolates. Players will see blue skies above, and cotton candy clouds. The hills and mountains are made of ice cream. There is also a Level Meter to the side of the reels. This is a Betsoft slot which allows all players to customize gameplay. They can do so using Choose Coin, and also Bet Amount. Other buttons include Max Bet and the Double Up button to start the feature. Autoplay is available to max 100 times.

The design of the game shows it consists of 7 reels and 7 rows. You will be playing on a 7 x 7 game. This is a cluster pays game. The stated Return To Player or RTP is 96.42%. Players will see some of the symbols will not be available until higher levels are reached, and the Level Meter will monitor which level you are at.

The candied sweets are of every imaginable kind, color, and shape. You will see this is a sweet tooth's dream! Most of the main candies include hearts, triangles, jelly beans, hexagons, jawbreakers, and squares. With higher levels, other candies such as candy canes, gumdrops, sweet hammer, caramel chew, jelly beans, fizzy candy, and morphing gold wilds will appear. There is also the chocolate eggs, FS symbols, the candy bomb and the WILDs.

Special Bonus Features

The following special bonus features are to be found:

  • The game offers what is known as cluster wins. This occurs when the same symbols will cluster together in fours. The candy will then break apart and be dropped from the reels. This will continue with the same symbols just falling off the reels to be replaced for a chance at more wins. This can occur multiple times during one spin.
  • Slot players will soon become acquainted with the color bomb. There has to be a minimum of five symbols which are the same color near each other. These symbols will explode off the reels. It is also possible that symbols that are not near each other will also explode off the reels. The max number of symbols in a color bomb is 2, and there must be a minimum of four to result in 6 symbols exploding. Six symbols of the same color near each other can result in 9 symbols exploding. Seven of the same colors will remove up to 12 symbols off the reels. This will reward an instant cash prize for the number of symbols.
  • There is a Free Spins Feature in this game. It is activated by the FS symbols. There must be four or more FS symbols to receive free games. Four of these will give five free games. Players who obtain five symbols will receive seven free games. When a player has 25 FS symbols they will be awarded 27 free games. Keep in mind that for each FS starting in a cluster of 4 will give 2 free games.
  • There are also wild symbols which is activated by the Candy Wild symbol. This symbol will be exploded off the reels to be replaced by a WILD. Watch as the WILDs will transform into the nearest symbol to increase wins.
  • With so much going on in Sugar Pop 2, you might be surprised to know there is also a Double Up Feature. You will only have to wait for a winning spin. Players will be able to risk all or half of the previous winning amount by making a correct guess on the outcome.

How To Level Up

During the original Sugar Pop Slots, the symbols were there from the beginning. However, for version 2, the symbols will show up when players move to another level. There are specific level up candies that will enter the game inside of a large chocolate egg. This includes sweets such as the Gumdrops at level 1. There is the Caramel Chew that shows at level 5. Players will see the Lollipop at level 13 and the Fizzy Candy at level 17. Other level up candies include the jelly bean canon at level 21 the morphing gold wild at level 25, and the sweet hammer candy at level 29.

You will soon discover that these candies have special features attached to them. The jelly bean canon will throw out colorful jelly beans and replace other symbols on the reels at level 21. The morphing gold wild will change shape and replace other symbols next to it at level 25. You can watch as the sweet hammer bangs its way through the reels to remove old symbols and have them replaced with new ones at level 29.

Enjoy the Sugar Pop!

Not everyone has a sweet tooth, but for those who do, this online slots has just the right about of sweetness. Even if you do not like eating sweets, but want a fun game, it is possible to enjoy Sugar Pop 2: Double Dipped Slots at an online casino.