Jumbo Joker Slots

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3-reel, classic
Classic Slot Symbols

Jumbo Joker Slots is the type of game for slot players wanting to win more. It has the main symbol, the Joker which is very popular in the online casino industry. Players will see that the Joker inside the playing cards can be found in various games. Therefore, it is no surprise that Betsoft Gaming has released a slots game that showcases the Joker as the main theme. This is a game which is available using various options such as mobile play, instant play no download, or by download when you try Jumbo Joker Slots.

Online Slots Game Facts

There is quite a bit to see inside this game, and because of the lively gameplay, players will be likely interested to try. The game loads up to show the Joker, and it is an enlarged symbol that has become jumbo size behind the reels. As you might expect a Joker card slots, this game is very colorful. The bright colors are all through the symbols, and there are actually two types of reels to play. The first or higher reels are blue in color. The lower or bottom reels are yellow in color. It is the yellow reels that the regular or base gameplay will happen. The blue reels will provide higher winning combinations.

The control center for the game is below all of this. There is the option to "Choose Coin" or "Bet Amount". Players will also be able to select "Max Bet" or "Autoplay". Jumbo Joker Slots also has a Collect button.

How Gameplay Works?

You are probably wondering how gameplay with two reels in a single game works? It is actually straightforward and not difficult. The yellow reels will have the typical symbols for a fruit slot such as cherries, bells, watermelons, lemons, etc. There are also golden treasure chest and the Joker. The blue reels will offer other symbols such as sevens, oranges, and grapes.

Players will see that this is a classic slots game of 3 reels and consist of 5 lines. It is possible to wager from 1 credit to up to 10 credits for the yellow reels. However, the prizes are higher on the blue reels and it accepts more credits from 100 credits to 200 credits on these higher reels. The coin denominations start at 0.02 and to 1. Keep in mind that to get to the blue reels, you will first need to have winning combinations on the yellow reels. The game will have a counter or meter that will keep track of the number of coins wins and the blue reels will then become active.

Pays in Jumbo Joker

With a classic slot game such as this, players will be able to see the paytable on the front of the screen. The symbols do pay from left to right. The smallest pay is for 1 credit wagers and they range from 10 coins to 40 coin wins for the fruit symbols on the yellow reels. Symbols such as the treasure chest, bells, and Joker will reward as much as 200 coin wins for 1 credit wagers. When you have at least won at least 10 coins, then you can receive up to 400 coins on the yellow reels.

The blue reels give higher payouts and for 20 coin wins in the past, players will receive up to 2,000 coins for 3 Jokers on the reels. Those who receive up to 40 coin wins may receive 2,000 coins for 3 seven symbols. The blue reels will give from 100 coins to 2000 coins as the top payouts.

Jumbo Joker Feature

There is the Jumbo Joker Meter which is used to keep track of how much you have won in credits/coins in Jumbo Joker Slots. The lowest level on the meter is 20 before they can move to a higher level. You do not have to move from a lower level to a higher level. The "Collect" button is there for you to do just that. At 100, players may move to the higher blue reels from the yellow reels.

A Similar Game

There are similar games in Jumbo Joker as the Joker is such a popular part of the slots industry. For example, Wild Jester Slots is one such game. It is a Booming Games slot that has the Jester as the main symbol. Wild Jester has five reels and 25 lines. Players will be able to wager from 0.01 to 2 per line. Some of the symbols include the Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Jester, soldier, hat, and more. It is possible to win up to 20,000 coins when you play Wild Jester Slot by Booming Games.

Play Jumbo Joker Now

It is possible to enjoy two sets of reels when you play Jumbo Joker Slots. It is also as if you are getting two games in one. You may experience Jumbo Joker Slots at a selected Betsoft casino.