Magic Love Slots

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9-reel, video

Think of NetEnt slot games and you probably start thinking of games with modern features, graphics, and other delights to enjoy. But here we have an older game from their collection, so will Magic Love still have the magical touch so many of their new games exhibit?

The theme here is love rather than magic, so let's see whether you'll feel any love for this slot.

Reels and lines in action

It looks much like a traditional slot machine with three reels in play. It does have eight lines though - something that isn't apparent when you get your first look at the game.

Coins to play with

The smallest coin here is worth 10 cents, so this is not a penny slot. However, you can bet more if you like, heading north to hit the maximum of 50 cents per line.

Magic Love special symbols

The paytable shows us the special icons that appear in Magic Love slots. For example, there is a flash car, a love heart, a red rose, a bottle of champagne, and various other love-themed icons. You might also see the old favorite, the bar symbol.

There is no wild in action though, so you must rely on getting winning combinations with a lucky spin of the reels.

Magic Love bonus features

Since there is no wild here, you may not be surprised to realize the game has no bonus elements either. However, there is a chance to win some nice prizes with the aid of the car.

If you get three cars on a paid line, you will win 300x your bet. Now, that doesn't sound like a huge amount for a jackpot… but that's not the jackpot. The idea is you can win a prize for getting two or more cars anywhere on the screen. Remember, there is a 3 x 3 grid in action here. The more cars you get, the more you win. If you fill the grid with nine cars, you'll scoop an impressive 2,000x your triggering bet. Nice!

Get ready to download and play the Magic Love slot now

Magic Love might seem to be a regular slot game at first glance. However, when you look at it in more detail, you realize the game does offer more than that. How many cars will you find when you begin playing this game?