Wonky Wabbits Slots

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5-reel, video, bonus
It’s hard not to fall in love with that title, isn’t it? We certainly did, but we are wondering what this game has in store for us, other than wabbits, we guess! NetEnt came up with this idea, and we can confirm it was a very good idea indeed. If you like your slots to provide fun as well as prizes, we think you will enjoy this one.

Reels and lines in action

The five-reel layout gives us 15 paylines. These pay in both directions, which adds to the entertainment and winning possibilities.

Coins to play with

With a single coin playable per line, it’s possible to cover all the lines from between 15 cents and $150.

Wonky Wabbits special symbols

This is where the fun begins! Look out for the wild icon, appearing on a purple background, written in yellow letters. It sits on some grass too, so you can’t miss it! This can appear on any reel in any spin, and there are some good reasons why you want to look for it.

Wonky Wabbits bonus features

There are no free spins in Wonky Wabbits, and you can’t trigger any bonuses either. It might sound disappointing but wait until you hear what that wild icon can do.

If you find a wild in a spin, it will be replicated in another reel position as well. The game picks the best position for this to occur in, which means you can get a great chance of finding some more wins. The wild might also appear in stacked format on reels two and four.

Better still, every wild that appears will go through the replicating feature. Let’s say you manage to get a spin where three wilds appear. Each wild will be duplicated into the best position for it, meaning you would then see six wilds on the reels.

And don’t forget, this game pays both ways. That means you get a great chance of securing more wins than you might think, and all because of that very clever wild icon.

Get ready to download and play the Wonky Wabbits slot now

It is very rare to play a game that features just one wild symbol and nothing else. But it is equally rare to find such a game that packs in so many special elements as well. Chase those Wonky Wabbits in search of some prizes today.