Bird of Thunder Slots

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5-reel, bonus, progressive
Native Americans, Animals

If you want to play a native game that gives you the vibes of being outdoors and feeling your spirit animal, then this is the slot machine for you to make use of. You don't need to worry about a thing ever again. Through the use of this slot machine, you can feel confident once again with all that is being offered. Just make sure to know what to watch out for when you're playing to find out the many ways you're able to win when it comes to watching the birds fly above you in the skies.

With this exciting game of 5 reels, 30 paylines, you can expect to get more out of the slots that are offering you a way to cash out. Through the use of the birds and totems that come into play, you will find that they have the exciting properties you are unable to get from some of the other symbols out there. You can be sure that these symbols have everything you need within them.

The Bird of Thunder Slots You Cash Out With

The slots here are going to have many different symbols that pop up from time to time, but you have to keep the classic symbols in mind when they go around the reels. You can expect to see the classic numbers and letters that come from the cards out there. You want to make sure to get all that you need from the slots that have them. Once the other symbols come around on the board, you need to line those up the right way, this is what is going to pay out the largest in the end.

The eagle is the wild symbol and it is able to replace all of the symbols except for the scatter symbol. It is also the symbol that pays out the most when you line it up the right way. The eagle totem is the scatter which again, is going to pay out a decent amount if you can line them up just right. Not only that, but the scatter is going to pay the user with bonuses and free spins when they are lined up the right way.

Bonus Games and More Waiting For You

With so many bonus games out there, you want to make sure that you're choosing the right game to play. This one does provide the user with some free spins when you play. This is a bonus in itself. When you line up the scatters then you can find that you're given some free spins that range in the amount that you get. When this is the case, it is important to think about how you're going to use them and make some extra cash from using them.

You can get the most out of this exciting game when you plan it just right and check out the extras that come with it. The progressive jackpot is going to be one of the best ways to get more cash than you can expect to get. Through the use of the bonuses, the games and so much more; this is one of the best slots that is offering extras that you're not able to get anywhere else. Be covered with what they have.