Scruffy Scallywags Slots

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5-reel, video, progressive
Pirates, Adventure

Those scallywags have nothing on you when it comes to getting the most from the pirates and their ships. You can be sure that you're steering the ship and showing them where to go. Grab your sword and thrust it forward because it is just onward and upward from here! You have it all and more when it comes to the pirates being out to play and the scallywags coming out, as well. Who has the money and is holding it safe? You can find out and make sure that you're the pirate that is able to run away with it next!

If you're ready to take the next ship that comes on through, then now is the time to look into what these pirates have to give. The 5 reel, 30 payline slot machine has all of the excitement wrapped up and waiting for you to make use of it. You don't have to worry about a thing when they're around, since they have you covered. Now is the time to check out the game, especially one that is pretty awesome due to it being pirate themed. You're set!

Those Scallywags Even Have Their Own Symbols

Who would have known just how deceiving those scallywags could be when it comes to having their own symbols on this board. Through those dirty pirates, you might just find out where they are hiding and find yourself a place to check out of your own, that might just be hiding all of the gold you've been searching for. Even those pirates have nothing on you when it comes to jumping ship and being able to cash out on all of the booty that is to follow.

The rum bottle is the scatter symbol and this is what is going to make you get all of the extras that come along with it. Not only that, but if you're playing with the wilds that come up on the screen, then you never have to worry about them replacing the scatters if you have those, too. The pirate skull and anchor and octopus are both the wilds in this game, so make sure to watch out for them both, since they are the ones replacing the symbols and cashing out. Of course, there are also compasses, treasure chests, deep sea creatures, a ship and more to watch out for!

Do These Pirates Bring Extras?

The compass symbol is what brings about an extra game that you can make use of. You can grab some extra spins, you can get some extra plays and so much more when you land on the compass, so if possible, try for that. You want to line up the right symbols in a row to open up free spins, and while the compass is a great option, you can also land on the double or nothing feature when you're playing for the highest bet amount that you can get.

There is a lot happening right on the board at all times, so make sure to make the most of what is provided to you. You can keep playing and try to get the progressive jackpot when you go and spin and cash out on the best of the best. You can also check out what is out there for you to make use of at the same time. You can feel good about being able to steal the pirates booty when you slide on in and see what the ship has to hold.